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CLIENT LIST since 2007


Easley Residence, Vero Beach

Domann Residence, Kansas City

Arbaugh Residence

Mancy Residence

Easley Residence, Harbor

Domann Residence

Charles Residence

Inland House

Crotty Residence


Delorenzo Law Offices

Moskel Residence

Hunsucker Residence

Sixth Engine Restaurant

Wegesin Residence

Shiple Residence


Caine Residence

Korthase Residence

Warzecha Residence

Anderson Residence

Terrell Residence

Town Hall DC Restaurant

Badra Residence

Hospice of Hilo

Gretchen's House Childcare

Croffford Residence

Talulu Beauty Lounge

Behling Residence

Lemble Residence

Simpson Residence

Gretchen's House HQ

Johnson Residence

Stover Residence



Easley Residence,

Crooked Tree

Boss Residence

Miller Residence

Terrell Residence

Howbert Residence

Caine Residence

Maple River Pub

Hilo Judiciary Complex

Kahn Residence

Meisner Residence

Little Indian Hunting Lodge

Hutto Residence

Gray Residence

Easley Residence, Savannah

Badra Residence

Burns Residence

Wilcox Residence

Charles and bluebird
Hunsucher and Wegesin
Easley townhall gretchen
Miller maple pub

Latest Before and After!

Exterior finishes

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